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If you have Canada Geese on your property here are some things to consider.

Geese have adapted well to the ponds and well manicured lawns of urban habitats, which has placed people and geese in proximity to one another. This is especially apparent during the spring when geese aggressively defend their nesting territories. There have been documented goose attacks on humans that have caused serious physical injury, such as broken bones and head injuries, and emotional distress.

Many of these injuries have occurred when the person tried to avoid an attack and tripped over an object (e.g., stairs, curbs, etc.). When fed by humans, geese tend to lose their natural fear of people. This lack of fear often leads to more violent attacks during the spring nesting season. In addition, when geese lose their fear they will begin nesting closer to areas that people frequent such as buildings, flower beds, parking lots, picnic tables, etc.

People who have had a negative experience are more likely to be afraid of geese upon their next encounter, and often fall victim to attacking geese every time they come into contact with geese. For example, each spring many people are repeatedly attacked by geese nesting next to the entryway of a building they must enter.

Individuals who are not afraid of geese usually have trouble understanding how someone could possibly be afraid of a bird, but to the person who has been attacked and/or injured these threats are real. Fill out this form so we can contact you and solve your Canada Geese problem.


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Goose Busters was formed in 1997 to relocate geese for the State of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources.

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Best Price Guaranteed!

Goose Busters has a lowest price guarantee. We will beat any competitor's price for comparable services!


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Based in Holly, Michigan, Goose Busters welcomes the opportunity to help you with your geese problem.

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