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Methods Used

Safe, humane, and approved goose removal


Goose Busters provides removal of nuisance geese from golf courses, lake associations, private homes, and lakefront properties. Residents and businesses that have retention ponds or lakefronts are prime habitat for nesting Canada Geese. They have become increasingly tolerant of humans and make themselves right at home on your lawns, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Dog Hazing

Trained Border Collies are used to harass the geese off the property. No barking dogs, no wildly running animals, but trained dogs that treat the geese as prey and 'stalk' them so the geese think they are a predator and wish to be somewhere else making the geese fly away. Demonstrations of dog hazing are available.

Goose Roundup

Geese are corralled, crated and transported by Goose Busters at the request of property owners and/or a local unit of government, at the property owner's expense. This takes place in mid to late June when the birds are flightless. Permits issued by the DNR, enabled by the state of Michigan and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, are required for translocation activities.

Nest Destruction

Nest destruction is an effective means to encourage molt migration, the northward movement of giant adult Canada geese to Hudson Bay, or other northern areas where they will molt feathers.

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Goose Busters was formed in 1997 to relocate geese for the State of Michigan's Department of Natural Resources.

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Based in Holly, Michigan, Goose Busters welcomes the opportunity to help you with your geese problem.

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